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Maurice ‘Termite’ Watkins

“I can get in any door in the world, it just takes time”

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Termite Watkins

Founder & Principal

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Don’t take our word for it:

“Termite is the consummate Business Development Manager and performs his duties to perfection. He is trustworthy and professional always… If you have a job that needs to get done, Termite is your man!”

Sarge Summers

” Once I heard Termites story and his passion I was hooked! You can not help but be inspired by it. Not only his story but Termite is like a magnet, he draws you in and makes you feel like you have known each other for years.”

T. Allen HanesSeminar Leader

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Termite for our adult lives. I have always been a fan of his talents but getting to know him is the key. He’s a much better Man than he was a fighter. I’ve seen his work in salvation as well as competition. I am blessed to call him my friend.”

Dan Pastorini

Former Houston Oiler Quarterback

“I wholeheartedly agree with what Termite said about attitude in the work place and how it affects workplace safety. Being at work for such long hours can be stressful by itself, and with the wrong attitude it can exacerbate the situation. He was a great speaker, and his speech left me driving home with a smile on my face, and deep in thought about ways I can make a difference.In closing I would like to say I am going to make an honest and conscious effort to make the workplace safer to the best of my ability. I will take initiative and strive to find issues and fix them, and if I can’t fix them I will direct them to the proper channel…“

Altiva Plant Employee Shipping Operator

“Termite was effective in telling people about his journey in life, what he learned and how he sincerely wants people to make the right choice in life. Great story teller. He touches people with his sincerity, kindness, and true passion for safety. I think everyone enjoyed the presentation.”

“Termite offers a breath of fresh air to the workforce after growing complacent with us (EH&S Dept) offering the same old dog and pony show. Will Termite leave a good impression on his audience, I know he did with me.”“I thought it was a very uplifting and effective presentation and I think that by the end of the presentation everyone in the room was involved and enjoying themselves.”

Haldor Topsoe Employees