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Advisory Services

Let us guide you to the mountaintop.
Up here, you’ll finally see clearly, begin to appreciate every detail, and have the confidence to paint the whole picture.



Develop an honest feel for the business and see things both from the top-down and bottom-up. Understand the company’s culture, objectives, and long term goals. Observe and evaluate the general strategy of key personnel in C-suite and other leadership capacities and their sphere of influence within the organization.



 Cultivate relationships, promote brand awareness, and expand your account base through our top tier network. Ensure client satisfaction on a continual basis to create lifelong partnerships. Branch out to new contacts to show them how your services can help all parties monetize over time.



Review and improve the tactics of staff (both client facing and internal operations) in providing company products and services. Improve efficiencies in day-to-day tasks and develop good communcation skills in all team members for a happy and productive workplace.

It doesn’t cost anything to start a conversation!


The first step in drafting an effective roadmap for an organization is to see the entire picture for what it truly is. This means walking a few miles in the shoes of the big decision makers (the founders, the principals, the executives) and understanding the factors which must be considered in making structural and widely impactful decisions. Over the years, we’ve evaluated several company strategies and appreciated how unique each one truly is in their methodology. Though the balance sheets operate the same way, the stories underneath the numbers vary considerably.

The elections of new business strategies are often surprising and vary in magnitude once implemented. As most would expect, some of our best work is done by reviewing these decisions in the board room. Some of that same great work, however, is also done via discussions on the golf course, or at the dinner table. It’s about the environment in which those strategies are developed and those choices are implemented. Our team has the experience to work diligently where those needs arise and to meet you where you need it most.

We need to be honest enough to make an objective assessment and comfortable enough to discuss our path forward. What are your goals as an organization? What does your team hope to achieve long term? Which points of failure have you attempted to remedy? What obstacles are foreseeable in your path to success? Are there some new ones we can identify which you may not have considered in this increasingly dynamic world?

Our comprehensive overviews cater to each client’s needs with transparency and thoughtfulness. What would normally be considered a small decision could have a large ripple effect when veering a large vessel back towards its intended trajectory. We don’t take these decisions lightly, and that’s exactly why we strive to see things as clearly as possible before moving in to make top-down adjustments. As they say: measure twice and cut once.

It isn’t just a fundamental change for the better to your company balance sheet, after all… it’s also about your family, your partners, your coworkers, your clients, and your prospects.


The not-so-secret weapon in our arsenal of excellent business management strategies lies in the extension of our top-tier network. It’s the very first thing we can speak to when our clients ask us what separates our approach from the competition. This carefully cultivated group of individuals and businesses are beacons of light in their respective fields. Termite has worked tirelessly to bring you the best contacts and to utilize their talents to help your organization succeed. These interactions are always mutually beneficial and have a tendency to result in a long standing business relationship with opportunities for compounding growth. 

As your company looks for branding and development opportunities, let us help you take careful consideration over the investment of your time so far. Have you spent a noticeable amount of effort on prospects without any tangible results? Could you use a more thoughtful approach to cultivating relationships? The simple fact is that we love to connect people and take the hassle out of making a reliable first or even second impression. Let us open the right doors for you so your team can focus on the products and services you offer to the world.

It isn’t just our network which keeps us at the top, though. Having the foresight to know who to pair up and when to do so is just as important as curating a list of names and numbers. We recommend staying in touch with our latest media developments to catch big announcements from the titans of these industries, and to hear their plans for the future which could benefit you directly.


We take pride in the fact that our clients feel encouraged by the large scale steps to effectiveness which we suggest for them, but there are those who need just a little more thoughtful consideration on the day-to-day aspects of running a business. For some, they may have just started out as a small company and are unfamiliar with the methods of minimizing the steps needed between fulfilling a daily task. For others, a few changes in order flow and the formation of practical daily habits are enough to getting a formerly well-oiled machine off the path to mediocrity. After all, what good is the announcement of a broad strategy from management if team members don’t have the tools and resources necessary to accomplish each objective properly? 

Take the time to build an understanding of the approach your sales staff utilize in meeting their clients’ needs. It’s a given that good customer care is fundamental, but could it be effective to analyze and borrow an approach from a different industry to give a fresh perspective on your sales pitch? Have you been more product focused for a particular business partner when you should be more service oriented? Are you practicing active listening methods to identify previously ignored issues which require a resolution before you can turn a prospect into a customer? What are some of the similarities we can help you identify which have turned one time buyers into customers for life?

Alongside the team members offering your products and services directly to your clients, there are the people managing the operations at home base. Are they practicing the latest corporate communication strategies for the technological infrastructure provided at your workplace? Is there a good balance struck between face-to-face meetings and digital correspondence, or is one operating at the expense of the other? Have these members had the opportunity to review company interactions with customers in order to offer suggestions for improvement? Which tactics can we implement to make their day more efficient, or perhaps more importantly, less stressful?

Success is the direct result of all of these factors working in your favor. Knowing which questions to ask and which details to address are the major focus points of our strategy in cultivating productive, happy, and rewarding team interactions. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Our goal is to ensure that you have none.